3 Path Breaking Steps to Create an Invincible Workforce

Just like any other HR professional or Business leader, I conduct Google search on the following questions frequently.

How do we achieve optimal Organisational performance through employees? What can we do to retain our best employees and help them get even better? How do we help employees cope up stress and prevent burn-out?

Measure performance periodically. Give regular feedback. Engage Employees. Provide State of the Art facilities. Reward high performance. Conduct events. Conduct Team Building Activities.

These are the most frequently given answers to these questions. These measures have been in fashion for the last few generations and applied by almost all Organisations. Well, have we reached peak performance levels from Employees? Is the potential of human body and brain being realised fully?

The answer is NO.

While these answers are not completely wrong, they have helped Organisations go only so far. These measures have been applied by a majority of Organisations and have been effective in shaping employee behaviours at a surface level. What then do we do to go beyond just scratching the surface?

Following are a few measures that Organisations can put in place to tap the Potential of their employees to the maximum extent.

Create FLOW: Several studies have established that FLOW is a state in which Human Beings deliver peak performance. The greatest achievements in Sports, Literature, Science, Art and every other field that we can think of have been results of this experience that specific individuals or teams have created or experienced.

Why not bring this to work? Experts and Experiments proved that FLOW can be created by creating conducive conditions in the Person, the Work and the Workplace. It is up to Business Leaders and HR Leaders to familiarise themselves with FLOW, educate their employees and then go for it all out. The results are not incremental but exponential improvement.

FLOW is an immersive and exciting experience during which individuals forget time and space. They have their creative juices flowing and the results that are achieved while one experiences FLOW are astonishing.  The icing on the cake is, working in the state of FLOW enhances instead of diminishing energy. There are experts and Organisations that can help in creating FLOW. Seek help.

Create Authentic Happiness: Business Leaders and their Management Gurus so far have been scratching on the surface and employing borderline manipulative techniques to involve Employees in business and ‘Engage’ them through various management programs. While these are moderately helpful, they have been making more money and creating business opportunities to the so-called Gurus rather than their clients.

Look beyond these run-of-the-mill programs for real transformational concepts. Help employees look at work and Life from holistic perspective. Put your heart into helping them build authentic happiness by training them on the latest life hacks. Teach them to build authentic relationships at work rather than teaching them just interpersonal skills. Teach them to look at work from a life mission perspective rather than as a survival tool. Conduct programs to help them look at life from a prism of happiness rather than mere day-to-day material gains.

Guess what, you do not need to work in helping employees cope up with stress and burn-out. It gets taken care of automatically.

Create a culture of Total Well-being: Nothing effects human behaviour like culture. Use the power of culture to create an Organisation of absolutely super-healthy employees. While keeping healthy is predominantly an individual’s responsibility, Organisations that help their employees keep themselves healthy are reaping better benefits. Conservative estimates peg the ROI on employee health investments at USD 1.5 per every dollar spent. If Organisations can go beyond half-hearted measures and create a compelling program and show enough persistence, it can make a lot of difference.

After all, an enthusiastic employee enjoying good health when put in FLOW state, can do wonders for himself/herself and the Organisation as well. And why would such an employee ever want to quit your Organisation.

These steps enrich their lives and your Organisation equally through building lasting employee happiness. The mantra is Think New. Think Break-Through. Think Authentic Employee Happiness.


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