5 ways to keep yourself mentally healthy while working from home

The world is changing rapidly as we write this blog and as you read it on your screens. Some of us are good with changes but most of us take time to adjust, while some are really struggling to keep themselves healthy.
Below we list a few fresh ideas on how you can keep yourself mentally healthy while working from home. It isn’t just about being productive but also keeping yourself happy as well as others around you too.

1. MORNING ROUTINE – Whatever sails your boat
Establish a morning routine for yourself, whatever it may consist of. Some people chose to write morning pages as suggested by Julia Cameron, which really helps them set the tone for the day. Others like to indulge in different activities such as yoga, jog, or mindful meditation. While dealing with adversities it becomes imperative for us to keep our mental health as a priority and mornings have proven to be the best to prioritize that. By mornings, we don’t necessarily mean waking up at dawn and doing sun salutation, but whenever your normal schedule and situation allows you to do so.

When the lines between the personal and professional start to blur, things can get a bit messy. We are sure, you must have had one big fight with the people you are currently living with, whether it’s your parents, spouses or your flatmates.
2020 has already been tough on us and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, so we do not need to add a hostile living environment to the list of things that could cause us additional stress. Therefore, it is essential for your and other people’s mental health to cooperatively establish firm boundaries when it comes to space and work timings. Keep your living partners informed and honestly, there is nothing that cannot be resolved by open and honest communication.

3.DIGITAL DETOX – Disconnect from Wifi
In this time and age, where our lives are heavily influenced by the digital world, sometimes it does take a toll on us as we experience mental and physical fatigue by the end of the day. Since most of us are spending time working from home, with limited options of going out for leisure(advisable so) we do end up spending most of the time glued to our laptop screens, mobile phone screens, and television screens.
A great way to keep yourself entertained and educated, an activity that doesn’t require you to be glued to the WIFI is reading! We do have a lot of time on our hands throughout the day, so why not pick a novel you have been thinking of reading for a while. Perhaps, an autobiography of a leader you are inspired by, or any other skills you have meaning to learn or upgrade. This would be the best time to do so, it will not only activate your grey cells but also give you a much-needed break from this inundated digital world.

4. QUALITY TIME WITH SPECIAL PEOPLE – All work and no play makes us dull people
Inculcate time in your schedule to play with your pets, or children, or board games with flatmates or spouses. Afterall a good heartfelt genuine laughter is bound to increase those happy hormones and as a result, keep your mental health at check. After all, this is the time to really reconnect and bond with people who are special in your life.
A lot of people have said that cooking has been like catharsis during this time. Surprise your wife with bed and breakfast, do some experiments in the kitchen with flatmates. In case you are living alone, make sure you are connected with your friends and family. There are various apps where one can play virtual board games, or even host fun costume parties on the very popular Houseparty app.
The point that we are trying to make here is that life is better when shared with your most special people.

5. EAT HEALTHY – Boost that immunity
It is unfortunate that a pandemic had to re-educate us about eating healthy. Our eating habits have intrinsic value on your mental health. Eating on time, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, cutting down on smoking and drinking, nourishing ourselves with regular water intervals, all these factors in for a mental health check. Eating healthy does not only give your energy to concentrate on work and enjoy life but will also help combat any ailments.

All the activities mentioned above are bound to organically increase your productivity too! Do not underestimate the benefits of a fresh, active, and well-rested mind. As they say, a happy employee is a productive employee.

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