A Guide To Women’s Mental and Physical Health

Here we are celebrating International Women’s Day this year. You will see T.V commercials around it, brands offering women’s day sale, restaurants pouring out love and giving you 50% off on your dining in bills, male counterparts will get advertisements on how to woo females this Women’s Day, right? I have no intention to dampen your spirits and sound like a spoilsport here, however, I do think that more important than all this is understanding the problems women face, women’s health, and women’s mental health. If you are nodding in agreement, then stay here with me a bit longer because we are going to discuss the 3 most common Women health issues this Women’s day and the measures to tackle them as well! Let us begin:

 Depression: As per WHO “Depression is not only the most common women’s mental health problem but may be more persistent in women than men. The high prevalence of sexual violence to which women are exposed and the correspondingly high rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following such violence, renders women the largest single group of people affected by this disorder”. And here is the shocker, this is not limited to any class/section in the society, women from all strata are impacted and vulnerable to this violence and it’s after-effects. So that brings us to the next question, how can we help?

 What needs to be done:

  • The first step is to provide support. Psychological support from family, friends, and care providers. The fact that family understands and healthcare providers acknowledge the condition is crucial for the recovery.
  • Having access to the resources in case somebody is struggling to make the choices in the face of severe events.
  • Having the liberty and autonomy of exercising some control in response to severe events.

 Cancer: Breast cancer and cervical cancer are the two most common cancers affecting women. As per the WHO report, The latest global figures show that around half a million women die from cervical cancer, and half a million from breast cancer each year. Why are these figures worrisome? It is because both types of cancers are preventable if only women are screened and provided with the necessary treatment on time.

 What needs to be done:

  • Educating women about these diseases, providing the necessary resources, emphasizing the need for periodic self-check at home (for breast cancer).
  • Periodic screenings by health care providers
  • On-time treatment

 Autoimmune diseases: As per research, autoimmune diseases affect approximately 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women. Let’s first understand what an autoimmune disease is: An autoimmune disease occurs when body cells attack healthy cells instead of eliminating threats, like infections, viruses, etc. The basic immune response between men and women has been known to differ, with women producing a more vigorous immune response and increased antibody production.

What needs to be done:

  • Regular supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc are known to strengthen immunity and protect against infections.
  • Sleeping less than 6 hours in known to affect the immune system adversely, so we don’t what that cycle to kick in. Have restful sleep ladies!
  • Practicing meditation for stress relief is imperative. Stress leads to inflammatory changes in the body.

This women’s Day let us empower and educate the ladies around rather than merely showering them with gifts and talks. Remember health is happiness!



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