We are a passionate team working to bring Happiness
and Well-being to more and more Workplaces, Working
at improving worklife everyday!

After establishing a Happy workplace for ourselves, where all our employees work like CEOs, without needing any monitoring systems and reviews to get them to work, we were driven with a passion to create Happier Workplaces for other organisations too. This is how MySwish Solutions was born. At MySwish Solutions we work at the core of bringing wellbeing and happiness to Workplaces.

Our Vision

“To empower businesses to help their employees live happier and healthier lives”

Research finds, only 20 % of employees are happy to go to their workplace, a place where we spend 60% of our adult life. We wanted to do our bit in changing this. We set out as Happiness evangelists, relentlessly striving and working towards making Happier Employees and Workplaces.

We are headed by people who are certified Happiness Coaches helping organizations discover and implement the science of Workplace Happiness at their workplaces. We deploy Scientific Happiness framework, strategies and tools that build strong culture of Happiness at Workplaces.

top happiness coaches in India - our juice at work team including Susheel Agarwal and Sameena in the discussion pose

Impacting the Bottom-Line

Happy Employees & Happy Business

Happy Employees & Happy Business

Employee Productivity

Improved Productivity

Employee Satisfaction

Enhanced Work Culture Retained

Employee Talent


Boost productivity of your employees

certified Employee happiness consultant - a person holding trophy with winner's pose

We work with Excellence as our goal, we continuously strive for excellence in our people, in our product, and in the level of service we provide to our clients. We work with Integrity-We will do the right thing always. We are fuelled with Passion, passion for what we are doing. We have a deep-seated and intense belief in what we are doing – not only the good we are trying to achieve in workplaces but also the way in which we are doing it.

MySwish Solutions – Bringing Happiness and Well-being to Workplaces. Working at improving worklife everyday!

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