Open Communication – The Key to a Happy Relation

Meekly I opened the door,

The room was quite dark and stinking. Looks like it was not cleaned for days. Things lied scattered all

over the floor, covered with dust

As I sneaked in, I noticed him sitting on his cot, by the window side.

He has grown very old and fragile

Unruly grey hair and beard,

deep wrinkles all over his face

drooping shoulders

I cleared my throat, signaling my presence.

He raised his head and looked towards me

Nodding gently, gestured me to come in.

I went closer to his cot, pulled a chair and made myself a little comfortable

There were so many things, I wanted to speak to him. But my throat was completely choked.

Never expected to see him like this.

An uncomfortable silence surrounded the room.

Few minutes passed by. I mustered some courage, cleared my throat again, wanting to say sorry.

Sorry bachche, he intervened. I am very sorry. I never realised I hurt you so much, he said with a

trembling voice.

Amma shared all your complains with me, he continued feebly.

I realise that I never gave you enough time. I never taught you, the way I would teach all other students.

I was busy all the time being with others, guiding my students, shape their careers and to do well in

their lives.

Beta, I always saw a leader in you. His voice was getting a little better. So many times, I noticed you

helping your senior students solve their problems. you were always on the fore-front, every time your

friends needed you, be in the college or at home. Even your sisters saw you as their role model. It

always made me feel proud to see you, my son, as an able leader. I could always visualise you growing

great heights, with all your skills and abilities. Unlike many of your friends and fellow students, you

always have been a natural learner, so there was no need for me or anyone else to guide you


I was dumb struck.

He paused a few seconds. His trembling hand slowly wriggled out of the shawl and held my palm, as he

looked into my eyes.Sorry again, I never knew, I was hurting you in the process, he said with moist


What a rascal I have been. For 20 years, I have been whining that he never fathered me well. And here

is the person, who only saw the best in me, I said to myself. All these years, I never spoke to him, didn’t

see him for months together, though we live in the same house. How could I be so rude? So ruthless!!I quickly got up from my chair, sat beside him, and hugged him tight.

Sorry Papa, I spoke for the first time. I could not speak further. Hugged him tight. Tears flowed down

my cheeks, wetting his shoulders. He kept consoling me, caressing my head and back.

I don’t know how long I wept. As I got up feeling very light, all my complains have evaporated. I

promised myself to always have an open communication, and never hold on to any complaint.

Love you Papa, I said smiling, at our re-invented relationship. But then, he was no more.


पीठ में बहुत दर्द था – Dedicated to all Women

डाॅक्टर ने कहा
अब और
मत झुकना
अब और अधिक झुकने की
गुंजाइश नहीं रही

तुम्हारी रीढ़ की हड्डी में
गैप आ गया है

सुनते ही हँसी और रोना
एक साथ आ गया…

ज़िंदगी में पहली बार
किसी के मुँह से
सुन रही थी
ये शब्द
“मत झुकना…”

बचपन से तो
घर के बड़े, बूढ़ों
और समाज से
यही सुनती आई है,
“झुकी रहना…”

नारी के
झुके रहने से ही
बनी रहती है गृहस्थी…

नारी के
झुके रहने से ही
बने रहते हैं संबंध

नारी के
झुके रहने से ही
बना रहता है

झुकती गई,
झुकते रही,
झुकी रही,
भूल ही गई…
उसकी कहीं कोई
रीढ़ भी है…

और ये आज कोई
कह रहा है
“झुकना मत…”

परेशान-सी सोच रही है
कि क्या सच में
लगातार झुकने से
रीढ़ की हड्डी
अपनी जगह से
खिसक जाती है ?

और उनमें कहीं गैप,
कहीं ख़ालीपन आ जाता है ?

सोच रही है…

बचपन से आज तक
क्या क्या खिसक गया
उसके जीवन से
कहाँ कहाँ ख़ालीपन आ गया
उसके अस्तित्व में
कहाँ कहाँ गैप आ गया
उसके अंतरतम में

बिना उसके जाने समझे…

उसके सपने
कहाँ खिसक गये

उसका मन
उसकी चाहत
कितने ख़ाली हो गये

उसकी इच्छा, अनिच्छा में
कितना गैप आ चुका

क्या वास्तव में नारी की
रीढ़ की हड्डी भी
होती है
समझ नहीं आ रहा….. .

What made you happy today?

Yesterday around 4.30 pm in the evening, as I relaxed by the window side on my cozy recliner, enjoying the drip-drop of the rain on the tree leaves, with the fragrance of musky earth, the phone bell jerked me up. Unwillingly, I took the call. Even before I could speak, Vineeta, with all her excitement and zeal, put forth her invitation to the grand inauguration of her new office in the posh locales of Jubilee Hills. I acknowledged and confirmed to me attending the function, and settled back on my recliner thinking how fast time flies.

15 May 2015. The first time I met Vinita. Pacing up to my car in the parking bay, I saw this young girl in her early twenties. Soiled clothes, unruly hair, worn-out face, she looked very fragile. I slowed down, gave her 100 rupees, and asked her to have some food. To my surprise, she refused. Please give me some work and pay me accordingly, she said. What a girl, I thought. Such high self-esteem. She had already won my heart. Sure, you can work for me. Treat this as an advance and have some food, I said giving her the money again. She promptly accepted with a smile and went to have food.

Once back, she looked excited and energetic. I offered her a car wash job and she promptly accepted. Every morning she would clean the car with utmost integrity, leaving it shining like new. Happy with her committed service, I recommended her services to my friends and colleagues. In no time, she had 14 customers to serve. From this humble beginning, with sheer hard work and integrity, she has flourished and scaled great heights. Next week she, along with her family and team of over 100 staff, is inaugurating her 7th Car wash and service center in the posh locales of Jubilee hills.
A small gesture at the right time can lead to great wonders.

Share, what made you happy today?

The Joy Of Freedom Is Happiness

This winter Sunday, at 6.30 am in the morning, I am in KBR Park for my routine jog and workout. The incessant rains for the past few days, have made the weather foggier and colder. Very few people made it to their morning walk today, while the majority chose the comfort of their beds.
As I brisked past, on the jogging track, I noticed, beyond the marsh patch, from the branches of the tree, a crow hanging upside down, entangled in a kite-flying twine, desperately trying to free itself. The more it was trying, it stuck further. In a while, I could see it started giving up, maybe it started losing hope.
Though I somehow wanted to help this bird out of the clutches, I did not want to risk getting into the marsh. After all, I love my brand-new Nike sports shoes and Adidas tracksuits, so much. I looked around if someone can help me release the bird. Not a soul in the vicinity. Saw, if I could grab a pole or a long enough stick to reach the bird, but no luck.
With no choice left, I get into the knee-deep marsh, with a heavy heart, spoiling my sportswear to the core. I kept walking carefully towards the crow, trying my best to avoid any fall, or further mud splash, with the hope of saving my uppers. And as luck would have it, I slipped and fell on my back. Cursing my ill-luck, got up fully packed in mud from head to toe. With newfound courage, now that I had nothing more to lose, slowly and steadily I headed towards the crow.
Meanwhile, seeing me approaching it, either due to fear or regained confidence, the crow started giving a rigorous fight to set itself free. Or maybe, it was having a hearty laugh seeing my plight. But its effort loosened the strings a bit and pushed the crow a little closer to the ground.
I quickly reached, grasped the tree trunk, and balancing myself, pulled the strings allowing the crow to move closer to me. As I cuddled it in my palms, it stayed still, helplessly gazing at me. I quickly cut the twines with my teeth and nails, and the bird was now free from the trap. I checked the crow, for any possible wounds, and thankfully it was healthy and safe.
As, I unfolded my hands, to let it go off, our eyes met, and I could feel the gratitude in the crow’s eyes. For once, I was deeply touched. As I loosened my hands further, it took a gentle flight into the sky and I experienced the joy of freedom. My eyes were moist and I felt very light at heart. Today, I found a new meaning for happiness.

Why a Happiest country is not lowest in Suicide rates?

This is remarkably Interesting to know.

Denmark is rated as the happiest country in the world.

But surprisingly it is not rated as lowest in Suicides rates.

Psychologists studied the reason behind it, why the happiest country is not the lowest in Suicide rates.

What came out is very surprising.

It is impossible to remain unhappy in otherwise Happy Environment.

That means if you create a Happy Environment in Organisation, the Non-Happy employees have only two options, either to quit or get engaged.

Now, Happy Environment does not mean creating Rangoli or Ethnic Competition.

Neither it means taking them to resort for partying.

Then What does Employee Happiness means?
How does it gets created? ?
What is the science behind Employee Happiness?

Please comment on your views. There is no right or wrong answer. I just wanted to listen to your experience.