Juiceatwork brings you highly personalised and Psychological employee counselling services that help your employees deal with various work-life challenges like stress, anxiety, parenting, financial problems, relationship issues both pre & post marital, Work- life balance, etc.

These services are completely confidential and can be easily accessed by calling the toll-free Helpline to assist your employees and their family in resolving work/life issues in order to live happier, Healthier and more balanced lives.

Objectives of employee assistance program

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Solution to Life-challenges

Examples of employee assistance program include

Work Related issues in Employee Counselling:

Managing work related stress, Problems with performance, Relationships between co-workers, managing conflict and anger management., adjusting to change in the workplace, career change, bullying at work etc

Personal issues in Employee Counselling:

Work-life balance, Anxiety or depression, Stress management, Grief and loss, Midlife and life transition issues. Emotional or physical abuse, Low self-esteem., Substance abuse, Anger management, Relationship issues. Separation and divorce, Domestic violence etc

Other issues may include Parenting Issues, financial issues, legal issues etc


The best program to get employee counselling services in India
  • Counselor
Parenting Expert
  • Parenting Expert
Finance / Tax Consultant
  • Finance / Tax Consultant
Legal Consultant
  • Legal Consultant
Nutrition Expert
  • Nutrition Expert
Mother Care
  • Mother Care

Tool (EmployeeAssist) for Personalised and Confidential Counselling Service by Expert Psychologist

Talk about your problems with us! Our expert and Confidential Counselling Service is here to help!

Other Counsellors available: Financial expert, Legal Expert, Parenting Expert, Nutrition expert and Gynaecologist

Advantages of EAP Tool (EmployeeAssist)

  • Online, anytime, anywhere Solution to Life-challenges
  • Call based counselling support by expert Psychologist
  • No limit to number of counselling requests
  • Counselling Services can be extended to employees family and dependents
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