Employee Programs Reduce Stress


Employee Programs Reduce Stress In twitter, employees are served 3 catered meals per day, in-office acupuncture, as well as improve classes. Google is quite popular for offering its employees lunch made by chefs, yoga classes, haircuts, and twice a week chair massage! Well, you are thinking what I am hinting at! Employee happiness- yes, in today’s competitive market, trends are changing, employees are eager to go after the additional benefits rather than chasing the paychecks! Attracting and retaining top talent is imperative.

While we understand that all the organizations can’t afford the grand benefits rolled out by Google and Twitter, still, they can choose and design the benefits that are inexpensive yet attractive to the workforce for the simple reason that Corporate wellness programs reduce the work stress” and promote health, we are not making tall claims here, we have evidence to prove that.

In a study conducted by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2014, the findings revealed that “Evidence accumulated over the past three decades shows that well-designed and well-executed programs that are founded on evidence-based principles can achieve positive health and financial outcomes”

Individual happiness is such a personal domain. You or the organization you run can’t make people live better and be responsible for fixing all the choices they make in their lives. Yet, still, you can help them with your organizational program, let’s see how:

Taking care of their Financial stress:

People work for money, but most don’t know how to handle it. So, any compensation or benefit like Corporate insurance, flexible/comprehensive wellness, and health plans that give smart returns will be worthwhile. This translates into better financial security for employees and gives them one less thing to worry about.

Offering flexibility and the right culture:

According to an HBR study, after health insurance, employees place the highest value on flexible hours, more paid vacation time, work from home options.

To keep a check that work culture and conditions remain optimal is the primary focus area for every organization because employee’s social and emotional behavior is influenced by their job condition. Post every work shift, organizations pump out employees as it’s social exhaust, the degree of impact most employees will make in society is based on the quality and the value held high in the organization.

Emphasizing on Wellbeing:

The organization has a responsibility to change the inertia. Since they want employees to be physical, emotionally, and mentally invested in what they are doing. The organization loses real money when employees are disengaged at these plans. By focusing on preventive check-ups, organizations can make sure that employees are always a step ahead in terms of their health quotient! Organizing preventive health checks, seminars on managing stress, help, and support to cope with stress will keep the employees motivated!

The right Leadership:

No measure of initiatives can make an impact if employees don’t believe that leaders mean it as a gesture of acknowledgment of people’s effort and not just good to have. Organizations are tribes, all the focus on happiness and engagement is essentially driven primarily at emotions i.e. fear, love, belonging, being valued, being cared for, and having a say. But one thing everyone in the tribe looks up to for solutions or take inspiration for their emotional predicament is the leader or leaders of the tribe.

In nutshell, a well-designed wellness program helps employees engage better with self at physical, mental, and emotional plains, which in turn helps them manage stress, makes them engaged in general, and much better contributors.

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