What it feels like to Work from Home?

Working from home was a luxury granted to a few pre-corona and when that luxury was granted to everyone during corona, it was no longer a luxury.

Work from home can sometimes feel like a long exhausting day of endless tasks where the lines between the personal and professional start to blur. 

Not everyone has the privilege to afford help, which means that one must run household errands besides their working hours. Many working professionals complained that instead of feeling liberated by this work culture they felt burnt out by the excess amount of labor it required them to do. The case is slightly different for Indians or rather developing countries as compared to the West. The West has a culture of running the household errand themselves, whereas, in India, it is cheaper to afford a house help. 

The work from home experience is a different story for different people. Professionals who were already working from home( Such as freelancers) seemed to have little problems with it. 

Then there were employees who were asked to shift to the work from home culture overnight, and that understandably so was troublesome for many. Family issues came up, regular flights between couples, excess burden on women employees with children were amongst the many complaints. 

Not to mention the ergonomics of working from home. Traditionally speaking, our home is our nest where we come to rest, we don’t design it for Work from Home purposes unless of course, that is the idea. Attending zoom call meetings from the bed or working on assignments from the couch didn’t do our bodies any good. Muscle aches, insomnia, weight gain were amongst the many negative effects of working from home. 

Our modern lifestyle is sedentary in itself and if your place to live also becomes your place to work, then it is inevitable for your brain to go for a toss. Mental health issues have seen a sharp rise this year, According to the Study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, an estimate of 78% of the global workforce has been negatively impacted by this shift. It is normal for anyone to feel this way because lets be honest, no one knows what ‘normal’ is anymore. 

Work from home can also be very isolating and we must talk more about that. We were all accustomed to customary chit chat breaks at work with our co-workers between work without which we feel jaded and impact the level of productivity. In simpler terms, working from home is you working with yourself 24×7 and that can be daunting. Sometimes you get bored with your company, sometimes you wish your team was around to ideate or simply go out to get drinks after work which creates a healthy balance in our minds. 

There are perks to working from home as well, for instance, you have the liberty to schedule work according to your liking, no more every commute, less expenditure, and more time to explore oneself. 

There are both sides to the coin that one must take into account and make an informed decision that would be beneficial to you and the people around you. 

The situation was far worse during the lockdown, however now that life seems to be getting back to normal, some are looking forward to going back to work. The workspace is not just a place where you go to work everywhere, it’s a professional space where you build relationships and spend quality time with your peers. 

However, if your company has decided to stick to the work from home schedule, it would be advisable to adjust your interiors for work purposes, a sturdy table and a comfortable chair would be a good start. Regular stretching and exercising will keep your body and mind agile and help you reach higher levels of productivity too! Develop healthy boundaries with the people you share your space with, let them know about your work timings. Oh yeah, and Netflix and chill is great until you don’t get sucked into the vortex called the internet. If you can master self-discipline working from home can be a true blessing, truth be told, who wouldn’t want to earn money while sitting within the comfort of your home! 


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