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The No.1 Performance matrix of HR will be Employee Happiness. Are you ready?

Here's what you'll discover in this unique Workshop

Benefit #1

The Science behind Workplace Happiness and how you can kickstart a Culture of Workplace Happiness in your organization.

Benefit #4

The Framework and Roadmap to create a culture of Employee Happiness.

Benefit #2

How some organizations have increased the productivity of their employees by 500%, just by turning them into happy employees.

Benefit #5

Why Future CEOs will evolve from HR, and how you can put yourself into the path of graduating from HR to CEO.

Benefit #3

Why the No.1 performance indicator of an HR Leader in the future will be Employee Happiness?

Benefit #6

Become Certified Employee Happiness Coach.

Juice at Work - happy faces of female employees

Bonus - Feel increase in your personal happiness. Guaranteed.

Get 100% Money Back, if you do not find 10 times more value than what you paid. No questions will be asked.

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Hi, I'm Susheel.

I was 33 when I was like any normal employee in a super charged environment.
Industry, Clients, Team, Company, Boss, Family, Friends, Everything was good.
But something was still missing.
It was like some vacuum inside me and I was not able to define it.
I decided to fill that vacuum.
My Journey started with leaving my corporate job and bootstrapping a Insurance Broking Company.
It is then I discovered that, the vacuum was "missing happiness in work"
I learned to find happiness in my work.
While discovering happiness is the best part of this journey, I got so much more as a bonus.
I am 39 now, leading 2 companies. 3rd in making.
All bootstrapped. All profitable from day 1.
Driven by a team of 44 happy people. Supported by 200+ Happy corporate clients.
All this was possible not because of any extraordinary intelligence or luck.
It was possible because I was able to inspire every team member to find happiness at work.
Not everyone can leave the corporate job to find happiness at work.
Just imagine, if companies focus on "how can our employees find happiness in work?"
We will have many more intrapreneurs.
Productivity of companies will touch new peaks.
This thought gave birth to this workshop.
This workshop is about sharing experience of last 8 years in just 8 hours. 
This Workshop is my Bigger Purpose in Life. 
To help other corporates in training employees to find happiness in work, thereby creating a happier society for everyone.
If you are a HR Leader of any organization, this workshop will change the way you look at organization culture.
Click the below link and join the workshop.
See you soon !

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Get 100% Money Back, if you do not find 10 times more value than what you paid. No questions will be asked.

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