Transformation HR leaders

Two simple ways to build a country we can be proud of.

Transform Teachers.
Transform HR leaders.

My current success has come only from one teacher. I met him at the age of twenty-nine.

He made me UNLEARN whatever my schoolteachers taught and made me discover what is real happiness in my work.

There is no looking back then, happiness has become a habit and success is a result.

Not everyone is lucky to find a good teacher at the age of 29.

So that brings me to the second part, Transform HR leaders.

We have 12 lacs + HRs on LinkedIn only in India.

The regular job of HRs is being taken over by AI.
So, most of them are already worried.

If HR role can be redefined as Employee Happiness Coach
If they can help employees to leave their comfort zone.
If they can help employees to find joy in the work.

Something magical will happen.
Companies will become very innovative and start spreading across the world.
India will not be dependent on other nations for Rafale jets, For Corona vaccination, for higher studies, for cheap china products.

This in fact is going to be the future of HR.
And it has already arrived!

Please give your comments, how we can help employees to find joy in the work.

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