Smart Brokers need smart solutions. Do you want to provide your clients something more than the traditional policies? If yes, then we have the solution for you – MySWISH, our innovative end-to-end Insurance Benefits Management Tool. Add more value to your offering, simplify your business processes, offer a host of benefits to your clients, and do more business with MySWISH.

Why Our Group Insurance Tool?

Voluntary Policy
  • Voluntary Policy
Easy Endorsements
  • Easy Endorsements
Account Statement
  • Account Statement
E-Cards and Network Information
  • E-Cards and Network Information
Claims MIS
  • Claims MIS

Core Features of Group Life Insurance Software

Hassel Free Enrollment Process
  • Hassel Free Enrollment Process
Felix Coverage
  • Felix Coverage
Effective Employee Communication
  • Effective Employee Communication
Easy Claims Management
  • Easy Claims Management
Detailed MIS Report
  • Detailed MIS Report
 Detailed MIS Report - vector image of a person holding big dollar coin

Enrollment Process

  • Voluntary Policy
  • Data Scrutiny
  • Automated Premium Calculation

Account Statement

  • Live and Always Accessible For HR
  • Policy Documents and Easy Endorsements Documets

Detailed MIS Report

  • Benefits Utilization Reports
  • Enrollment Statistics Report
  • Claims Analysis Report
  • Claims Projection Reports
  • Policy wise Member Data Report.

Effective Employee Communication

 Effective Employee Communication - vector image of people sitting in a meeting
 Centralized Process Management - vector image of 3 people taking big key together

Centralized Process Management

  • Endorsements
  • Account Statement
  • Claim MIS

We invite you to take a demo of this unique tool and see how you can increase your business with MySWISH!!

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