How much time your Employees actually work out of 8 hours?

People used to work for 10-16 hours a day during the industrial revolution.

Ford made it 8 hours a day to make it more humane.

The idea was to have Eight hours labor, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest.

At that time, the work was mostly monotonous.

Now, those monotonous jobs are being taken over by robots and AI.

Now, we are expecting our employees to do design thinking.

Now the time has come for another revolution.

As per research, an employee on an average works only for “3 hours out of 8 committed hours“.

The most popular unproductive activities listed were:

  • Reading news websites-1 hour, 5 minutes
  • Checking social media- 44 minutes
  • Discussing non-work-related things with co-workers-40 minutes
  • Searching for new jobs-26 minutes
  • Taking smoke breaks–23 minutes
  • Making Personal calls -18 minutes
  • Making tea or snacks -24 minutes
  • Texting or instant messaging-14 minutes
  • Eating snacks-8 minutes

It is good news for employees working from home due to the pandemic.

At least they will not feel guilty of not doing enough.

As an HR, what do you think will be the next productivity matrix?

Should we cut down the number of hours to 6 or 4?

Or shall we do away from the no of hours as a measure of productivity?

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