The Joy Of Freedom Is Happiness

This winter Sunday, at 6.30 am in the morning, I am in KBR Park for my routine jog and workout. The incessant rains for the past few days, have made the weather foggier and colder. Very few people made it to their morning walk today, while the majority chose the comfort of their beds.
As I brisked past, on the jogging track, I noticed, beyond the marsh patch, from the branches of the tree, a crow hanging upside down, entangled in a kite-flying twine, desperately trying to free itself. The more it was trying, it stuck further. In a while, I could see it started giving up, maybe it started losing hope.
Though I somehow wanted to help this bird out of the clutches, I did not want to risk getting into the marsh. After all, I love my brand-new Nike sports shoes and Adidas tracksuits, so much. I looked around if someone can help me release the bird. Not a soul in the vicinity. Saw, if I could grab a pole or a long enough stick to reach the bird, but no luck.
With no choice left, I get into the knee-deep marsh, with a heavy heart, spoiling my sportswear to the core. I kept walking carefully towards the crow, trying my best to avoid any fall, or further mud splash, with the hope of saving my uppers. And as luck would have it, I slipped and fell on my back. Cursing my ill-luck, got up fully packed in mud from head to toe. With newfound courage, now that I had nothing more to lose, slowly and steadily I headed towards the crow.
Meanwhile, seeing me approaching it, either due to fear or regained confidence, the crow started giving a rigorous fight to set itself free. Or maybe, it was having a hearty laugh seeing my plight. But its effort loosened the strings a bit and pushed the crow a little closer to the ground.
I quickly reached, grasped the tree trunk, and balancing myself, pulled the strings allowing the crow to move closer to me. As I cuddled it in my palms, it stayed still, helplessly gazing at me. I quickly cut the twines with my teeth and nails, and the bird was now free from the trap. I checked the crow, for any possible wounds, and thankfully it was healthy and safe.
As, I unfolded my hands, to let it go off, our eyes met, and I could feel the gratitude in the crow’s eyes. For once, I was deeply touched. As I loosened my hands further, it took a gentle flight into the sky and I experienced the joy of freedom. My eyes were moist and I felt very light at heart. Today, I found a new meaning for happiness.

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