You can't always get what you want.
That's not the problem actually.
The problem is, you can't always know what you want.

To become happier, we need to understand our story of happiness and change it to the real definition which is practised by almost every successful person in the world. Would you like to join a program which will change your life story to

And I lived happily
ever after...


reasons why you should go
through this program ?

  • The actions required “to be happy” are totally different from the actions required “ not to be unhappy”.

    This workshop creates a distinction between the two, “to be happy” or “not to be unhappy” and empowers you to reflect on how your current actions are directed.

  • “I am getting bored” is a feedback to yourself that you are “not happy”

    Do you ever catch yourself saying, "I'm bored!"? If you answered "never!" then good for you, you don't need to take this program!

  • It is not going to be another “gyan session”

    This workshop creates a distinction between the two, “to be happy” or “not to be unhappy” and empowers you to reflect on how your current actions are directed.

Promises of Program

  • Learn to see happiness not as an abstract concept but as a scientific concept which can be learned and implemented in our everyday lives.
  • Learn Secret happiness formulas and methodology used by the happiest people on earth.
  • see an Increase in your happiness index.

Program Outline

  • Week 1: Breaking the Happiness illusion
  • Week 2: Understanding FLOW (sustained State of Happiness)
  • Week 3: Secret 1 to get into the state of FLOW
  • Week 4: Secret 2 to get into the state of FLOW

About Coach

Hi, I am Susheel Agarwal, your coach for this program My Journey started with leaving my corporate job and bootstrapping an Insurance Broking Company. Currently I am leading 2 companies. 3rd in making. All bootstrapped. All profitable from day 1. Driven by a team of 44 happy people. Supported by 200+ Happy corporate clients. All this was possible not because of any extraordinary intelligence or luck. It was possible because I was able to inspire every team member to find happiness at work. With this program, I intend to help you to discover your path to become happier.

Dates : 17th Sep, 24th Sep, 1st Oct, 8th Oct
Time : 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Register Now on Myswish Portal. Incase you have a problem in registering, please contact Lakshmi@ 7671956431


“It has been a thought provoking session and highly informative with full of real time scenarios, which kept us engaged throughout.” - Anupriya gandhi

“No one should stop you from spreading Happiness and making Changes in people's lives,, please continue the good Job :)” - Pooja Singh

“The concept of State of flow and the scientific view of happiness (4 chemicals) ”- Meenakshi

21st Jan

3:30 pm To 5:00 pm


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Hi Five Clubs

Live Whatsapp support groups managed by Experts

Happy Minds

A group of hungry people. Hungry to learn and live fabulously. Food for mind and development is sought through mutual interaction and from experts who are available to fuel the passion to learn and provide able guidance. Join the group and tune into your own hunger channel.

Happy Health

Health is more than Wealth. This group of people are passionate about keeping the mind and body in excellent condition so that all of life’s pleasures can be fully enjoyed. And they are joined by the experts who provide all the information and guidance to achieve body of an athlete and mind of a Child.

Happy Money

Learn all you can and need to, in order to live a life of financial abundance. Learn how to save money, optimise tax, multiply money effortlessly and have a Financial abundance to afford all that you want out of life. Get personalised free advice on personal financial matters and planning.

Happy Parenting

The only way to be a good parent is to learn on the fly. One cannot learn to become a good parent and then become a parent. Join this group of people who are passionate about being excellent and happy parents. Get access to instant expert guidance, free of cost..

Attractive Pricing Options

Per Employee Plan

Per Employee Per Year. Including GST
  • 50 Sessions
  • 4 Life Areas
  • 4 HI five Clubs
  • Attractive Discount for more than 100 employees

Per session Plan

Per Session. Including GST
  • Customized topics
  • Customized time
  • Dedicated Sessions exclusive for your Organization
  • Access to regular Hi five Clubs

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