7 Key Factors That Contribute to Happiness at Work

1. Relationship with your colleagues
It is important to have and maintain healthy relationships with your co-workers after all you do end up spending 8+ hours five to six days a week. If you look at it this way, you are spending more time with your office family than your real family and honestly, that makes all the difference. It is important for employees to feel a sense of belonging and that effectively contributes to workplace happiness. If you look forward to going to the office over let’s say the weekend, it makes all the difference.

2. Relationship with your boss/Manager
Our bosses, superiors, managers are people we directly work with, however, the power dynamics remain so that one party has more power over the other. There are bosses who make their employers a living hell by exercising their power in all the problematic ways. In return, this creates a toxic and hostile environment, counterproductive to happiness. Therefore, it is important as managers, we are kind and treat their employees/juniors with the utmost respect.

3. Sense of achievement
It is important for human beings to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day otherwise, life seems quite meaningless. There are many factors that give us a sense of achievement, apart from receiving our salary at the end of the month.

4. Work-Life Balance
The question that arises for any employee would be ‘Do my employers acknowledge the importance of Work-Life Balance’? As the world changes at a rapid speed and boundaries between personal and professional begin to blur, research has shown that an employee/employer who acknowledges work-life balance tends to show more accountability towards their work by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, at home and workplace both!

5. Sense of Freedom
The Runoff the Mill strategy to keep employees bound to their workstation does not work anymore. Employees want to feel free to make their decisions whilst knowing that their employers have full faith in them. Like any other relationship, a working relationship is also built on trust.

6. Transparency open communication
Speaking of trust, the only way to build a trustworthy relationship is through open communication and transparency between colleagues and especially between employees and employers, everyone needs to feel like that they are on the same team. One can organize weekly meetings or monthly reviews within their teams to accommodate everyone’s viewpoints and make the whole process a little more inclusive. Trust us, this exercise can ONLY do you good!

7. Work culture
Some had a baby, celebrate! Someone got a new car, celebrate! No, you don’t have to throw expensive parties. A small effort goes a long way. We must remember that employees spend more time at their workplace rather than at home, in that way the workplace becomes a second home for many. We must work towards developing a healthy work culture where everyone genuinely feels at home and rightfully motivated to work. Generally speaking, work-culture is an umbrella term that encompasses all the above points and as enough research shows, a healthy work culture leads to better retention rates, higher productivity, better sales, and overall long sustaining growth for the company at large. It’s a Win-Win situation, really!