Happiness Enhances Employee Productivity, but how?


 Every organization understands the importance of keeping employees happy. They offer the best pay in the market, luxurious workplace, special arrangements for fun activities, Gym, various perks like life & health insurance, assistance in the car & home loans, etc. 

This will, of course, add to the happiness of employees. But as per the Harvard Happiness study, 80% of the employees are still unhappy at work. And employers are also unhappy with the low levels of productivity in spite of the above-mentioned perks. 

The core reason is, they do not enjoy the work assigned to them. If the employees enjoy the task assigned to them, the productivity levels would be increased by many folds. Let’s see how.

 Employees who enjoy their work will be hungry for the happiness they would derive from the work. Hence to fulfill this hunger, they change the definition of productivity. For them, productivity means – exceeding expectations by being innovative in their job such that, the job is taken to some other level. This is when real happiness emerges and happiness at workplace makes business sense.

This happiness, in turn, fuels the zeal to be more creative in their work for next time. Because next time, the same level of work will not give the same happiness. They try to break their own record and take the task to another level to derive more real happiness. This cycle continues.

For them, the work will be similar to playing a video game. 

Happy employees flourish their enthusiasm towards work at the workplace and hence create a good environment for other employees too.