What are the five top reasons, which is affecting our employee’s happiness?

1) How much I am better than yesterday?

When an employee’s feel that they are better than yesterday, they will start seeing happiness tomorrow if not today. This kind of happiness is called “Flourishing”

2) Whether I am working for a bigger cause?

Remember why many of our employees joined Anna Hazare’s anticorruption India moment in 2012. They wanted to become part of something big.

3) How many friends I have in the office?

The topmost reason for an employee not to leave the organization is having a close friend in the office.

4) Whether I need to take permission for switching my zoom camera off in meetings?

The topmost reason for an employee to leave the organization is bossism.

5) Can I raise my doubts freely in official meetings?

Do your CEO know the problems faced by your front level employees?