What do we do in elevator?

Just wait for our floor to arrive, avoiding eye contact with strangers.

My mentor taught me to use these few seconds in our life, which has the potential to make our day.

It is quite simple.

Whenever I get into an elevator (office or Home) I just count my no of breaths.

My normal breath cycle is around 15-16 per min.

The goal is to reduce your breadth cycle to within eight.

I don’t hold my breath.

The breath should be slow and deep and from the abdomen.

Try and share the impact of this technique.

I have read somewhere, the people who are incredibly happy their breath cycle (per min) is less than 8.

Imagine the impact if we can make it as an employee engagement policy.

You must have heard about Elevator Pitch.

Now is the time to have Elevator Mindfulness.

What is your Breath cycle?

Please comment.

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