What do you need to start your own Business?

I left my corporate job in 2014 and started as an Insurance agent.

This was the only business I could think of which does not require any capital.

Now, I have 2 businesses with a team of 30 with zero outside investment.

The point which I wanted to draw is, you don’t need capital to start a business.

You just need strong intention and hope to do it.

Intention to learn and then do it again, whenever you fail.

Intention to kill your ego and reach out to new people, even if they reject you.

Intention to sit long hours alone thinking about new plans, even if the previous plan got failed.

Intention to trust people, even if many others did not fulfill their promises.

Intention to train your people for continuous learning and finding new ways to do business

All this for just a hope.

Hope means – Hold On, Pain is Ending.

One day you will get a breakthrough.

The same people who initially rejected you will come forward and invest in you.

The same opportunities that looked difficult will start looking like a game.

Approaching new people will become exciting.

Learning will become a habit.

Slowly you will have a team and the world will call it a business.

For you, it will be still hope.

But this time, Hope will mean

Hold on, Profit is Exciting.

Comment here, what is holding you to start your own business?

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