What is the real example of Employee happiness!

Client: One of my senior employees is infected by COVID. Please assist him with the best possible treatment and help him and his family to overcome the fear.

My team member: Yes Sir, we will do it, please pass on his number to me and we will take it up from here.

My team member arranges a call with a psychologist and doctor with the patient and his family members.

After one-hour client calls up

Client: Thank you very much, the employee can handle the situation now and the family member is much relaxed.

My team member: Welcome Sir! and I will stay connected with him for any further assistance.

Now, where is employee happiness in this case?

The client won’t know that the person assisting them from my team, himself is tested positive and recovering in home isolation.

When our team is happy, they will keep our clients happier and business is just a result of it.

This is Employee happiness in true sense!

So, if you want your Organisation to flourish, then you need to keep your employees happy.

No other option. Period.

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