What made you happy today?

Yesterday around 4.30 pm in the evening, as I relaxed by the window side on my cozy recliner, enjoying the drip-drop of the rain on the tree leaves, with the fragrance of musky earth, the phone bell jerked me up. Unwillingly, I took the call. Even before I could speak, Vineeta, with all her excitement and zeal, put forth her invitation to the grand inauguration of her new office in the posh locales of Jubilee Hills. I acknowledged and confirmed to me attending the function, and settled back on my recliner thinking how fast time flies.

15 May 2015. The first time I met Vinita. Pacing up to my car in the parking bay, I saw this young girl in her early twenties. Soiled clothes, unruly hair, worn-out face, she looked very fragile. I slowed down, gave her 100 rupees, and asked her to have some food. To my surprise, she refused. Please give me some work and pay me accordingly, she said. What a girl, I thought. Such high self-esteem. She had already won my heart. Sure, you can work for me. Treat this as an advance and have some food, I said giving her the money again. She promptly accepted with a smile and went to have food.

Once back, she looked excited and energetic. I offered her a car wash job and she promptly accepted. Every morning she would clean the car with utmost integrity, leaving it shining like new. Happy with her committed service, I recommended her services to my friends and colleagues. In no time, she had 14 customers to serve. From this humble beginning, with sheer hard work and integrity, she has flourished and scaled great heights. Next week she, along with her family and team of over 100 staff, is inaugurating her 7th Car wash and service center in the posh locales of Jubilee hills.
A small gesture at the right time can lead to great wonders.

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