Why are we confused between Happiness and Money?

Let’s say you are hungry and you like to eat Salad.

What will you choose between the below two?

  1. Salad Bowl costing ₹ 200 /-
  2. Pizza at a discounted rate of ₹ 225/- (Actual Cost of Pizza is ₹ 450)

This actually happened with me a couple of years ago when I was part of running the corporate race.

I went with Option B.

And the majority of our employees will choose the same.

For me, the happiness of saving ₹ Rs.225 was much more than happiness of eating healthy.

At that time, I was confused between Money and Happiness.

But did I actually save ₹ 225/-


My real saving would have Rs.25 If I would have chosen Salad bowl.

Who created this confusion?

Our Education system?


People around us?

Or all of them.

This confusion has made our employees to

Take-Home loans.

Then Car loans.

Then Personal loans.

Made them Continuously borrow happiness from tomorrow.

How is this impacted our employee’s happiness and productivity?

As HR or Employer, do you think it is helping the organization’s performance or hurting?




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